Single Head & Multi Head Encrusting & Co-Extruding Machines


The Single and Multi Head Encrusting   & Co-extruding Machines are designed to make a wide range of products producible by one machine considering state of the art. It is a flexible machine with a wide range of variety in terms of shape and type of ingredients.

The salient features of the machine includes:

- The 3rd hopper designed in the machine is to enable wider variety and to produce encrusted 
and co-extruded products with:
            1. Two different casings and one filling.
            2. One casing and two different filling.
            3. Product with one casing and one filling.
            4. Cookies and products without filling.
- The cutting system in encrusted products is done by diaphragm shutters and the weight range of products start from depending on the model of the machine 8-200gr.
-The Machine systems are controlled by PLC and settings and adjustments are applied through advanced electronic system.
-The machine is equipped with pneumatic stamping system in which, designs could be chosen and specific element heating system with additional accessories enables to produce products like Maamouls and Mooncake.
-The machine is equipped with Pneumatic Cutting System for Co-extruded Bars which enable to use the cutter to produce  products with desired length.
-The chase and screws of the machine are constructed in stainless steel.

There are additional accessories which has been designed to add to the varity of products:

            1-Twisted Bar production. 

            2-WireCut:Cookie 2-3 colors.
            3-Egg Wash and Glaysing of products.

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