Chocolate Enrober and Cooling Tunnel


Chocolate Enrober & Cooling Tunnel: 

The chocolate enrobing machine is used in confectionary industry to coat food items and it will ensure that you achieve a complete  product with chocolate coating considering it to be coated with adjustable thickness but fully covered.
In fact it is an automated version of hand dipping.The products are fed on a moving wire mesh belt with certain standard width, which takes the product down to a bath of chocolate.

Ball Mill Machine: 

- The cyclone-Ball Mill machineis a compact, simple & efficient machine to produce various types of oil based cream. 
-The machine does the fat melting premixing and grinding of the ingredient for chocolate cream or paste.

Chocolate Preserving Tank:

- The chocolate preserving tank isused to stabilize the liquid chocolate temperature.
- The tank is constructed double jacket to enable hot water circulation.

Extruder Machine:

- The machine is capable of processing Co-extruded products.
- Equipped with two stainless steel hoppers with hot water circulation for ready ingredients mixture like Marziban, Noga,dates paste, coconut and syrup mix.

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