Premixer and Turbomixer


Premixer Machine Model: OMP300

-The machine is suitable for mixing primary materials containing solid and liquid  contents.

-The machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI304 and it is finished by a special process.

-The end of the container is a circular–shaped used to facilitate the dough discharge completely. 

-The flap of machine is designed and made of a complete single stainless steel structure and equipped with a large opening 80mm in order to be filled with solid materials such as flour and sugar automatically.

-It is equipped with two small openings DN50 to automatically fill liquid materials such as egg and water.

-It is composed of a large circular inlet with a cover for controlling the arms and filling the products manually.

- Horizontal mixer arms can be adjustable with regard to speed & controlled through the frequency inverter in three stages in different timing and speed.

-The machine is equipped with automatic discharging tap installed under the storage tank.

-The volumetric discharging  pump and stainless steel gear pump are suitable for food processing and hygienic machinery.

-The control panel is boxed inside a stainless steel box

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